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Jun. 24th, 2016 @ 11:06 am I'm irrationally furious about this. Mainly because I expected better of GB.
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I wish people weren't such morons and would actually think before they vote.

The fact that people kept telling me that I'm the right kind of foreigner and as such would obviously be allowed to stay is so telling.

I've been on a Very Angry Run already and will now stock up on my virtual popcorn so I can munch on that while watching this trainwreck burn.

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Apr. 29th, 2016 @ 03:43 pm *handwave* The last few months happened. Indeed they did.
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I'm posting now not to catch up but to collect my reaction to Captain America - Civil War. The triple bill last night was a lot of fun and made certain things much more obvious. Also, it was just a fun reactive audience and generally cool.

Just a collection of my babbling immediately after - Spoilers all overCollapse )

All in all, it's another one in a line of films where, really, they seem to have liked the idea of the title/concept more than actually thinking it through so the plot made even so much as comic-book-sense. But it is pretty enjoyable at least.

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Feb. 18th, 2016 @ 12:36 am I still don't believe the calendar, but it's not changing its tune
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Well, apparently 2016 is going to be one of those years.
I have absolutely no idea where the last 1.5 months have gone. I have no idea what I have actually done in that time either, but it sure felt like a lot at the time.
I'll see how the next few weeks behave before I put out a kill order, but I am not impressed so far.

*disappears under mountain of random busyness again*

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Jan. 6th, 2016 @ 02:20 pm Unexpectedly, 2016 happened...
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I'm feeling: sick

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting 2016 to come around this fast.

The second half of December was manic, partially because working out of hours means that holidays will be some of our busiest shifts anyway and Spanish!colleague went and dislocated his shoulder just before, so we had even more shifts to cover. The other part was because the OTW thing escalated. A lot. Fun times.

Since New Year's Eve I've been down with the lurgy, working my last two shifts in a bit of a haze. But see above: people who dislocate their shoulder and use that as their wimpy excuse not to work, having already used up all the potential gap covers. Oh well, working the last few holiday shifts with a fever is nearly a tradition by this point.

2015 turned out to be an ... interesting year on the whole. Onward to 2016!

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Dec. 15th, 2015 @ 10:57 am *insert random garbled noises here*
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I have no idea where time is going, but I did finish going through my photos!

Now I only have to write up short bits and link them, or, alternatively, get them set in a photo book and get that printed.
Never mind me, I might be some more time.

Only 7 days until solstice and I can't wait for days to stop being shorter again, as usual.

What else... Oh! I re-watched Star Wars (in Machete Order) yesterday in preparation for watching the New One. I knew I had erased basically all of Clones from my head, but I didn't remember it was out of self preservation.
Oh well, I am prepared for anything that might come now. And I remember why I was always more of a Star Trek person.

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Nov. 27th, 2015 @ 09:40 am These are the interestingest of times...
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Well. That OTW Open Board meeting happened. And then things continued to happen.
Now that things have settled down just the tiniest bit (most likely because most of the US based people are in a food coma), I am with the people who think this clean slate is actually the best news for the org. I trust LO and Matty and I know they are already working hard to get everything lined up so they can start work as soon as they are inducted as Board.

In less exciting news, I've been watching Sense8 and then Jessica Jones to finish my knitting and start on my photo sorting. Different as they are, I like them both. (We're going to ignore Walter firing a rocket launcher less than 500m from the Federal Police Office building in Berlin. Or the fact that Sufentanil is a controlled drug basically everywhere and the level of lockup and protocol to sign that stuff out this means.)
I've also been sucked into Hamilton because of course I would.

Thanks to us being fully staffed vet-wise at work for the first time in five years or so, I was barely working at all in November. I am not used to this. It took me about two weeks to remember that I choose a job with 60+ hour weeks for a reason. I need the stress and pressure. Without it I actually get less done.
Oh well, from December on we're back to a more normal rota pattern, then I can be grumpy about too little sleep and/or time again.

We've reached the season where all my running trails are mud and ice again. This is not conductive to running at any reasonable pace, but then the weather itself is rarely inviting to go out on any business anyway. I try to keep up the running nonetheless. Next half marathon in March is the plan for now. We shall see.

And to finish this entry a picture, as proof that I am slowly sorting through my photos...
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Nov. 5th, 2015 @ 07:54 am Oh, why the hell not: OTW Elections
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So, OTW elections start tomorrow and because I still haven't finished going through my Australia photos to make a picture post, have some waffling about the elections.

Because I really, really don't want to get the whole thing any more wanky than it already is (we had honest to fuck sockpuppeting during one the chats guys, there are no words to describe the level of WTF) I am just going to tell you a bit about the people I am going to rank on my ballot. This overlaps to some degree with one of the questions asked during the Q&A ("Can you say something positive about three of your fellow candidates?") but I don't care.

So, without further ado, the people I will rank on my ballot:

  • Alex - That's me, so, anything I say is suspect anyway, but I will totally vote for me!
  • Aline - Aline is Brazilian and our concepts of time and punctuality could not be further apart. We can have endless, utterly pointless arguments about those. Or showers. Or what exactly counts as 'cold' weather. It's really fun. No matter how much joking and arguing there is, Aline will always follows through on any job she says she'll take on. She can keep a clear head in any situation and will not let frustration and anger cloud her judgment in any way. In addition to all that, she has a very suspect taste in fic and is one of my favourite sources for badwrong!recs because of that >.>
  • Atiya - She'll always be Lady Oscar to me. She is a fountain of knowledge about the Archive. There's nothing too obscure she doesn't know about. She answers such a massive amount of Support tickets while at the same time manning the testing team nearly on her own, it's unbelievable. She also volunteers at the zoo and likes aardvarks and axolotls!
  • Katarina - Kati is an amazingly prolific podficcer (as tinypinkmouse). How she juggles work on the Translation and Abuse committees with participating in podficcathons I don't know, but she manages and manages brilliantly. She's also Finnish, wonderfully laconic, and always happy to confirm any Scandinavia and the World stereotypes you throw at her. Asking Kati about her puukko or her experiences as a bartender tends to result in very interesting storys.
  • Matty - Matty is amazing, in her calm and laid back way she has managed to give new life to at least two committees in turn. She currently chairs the Abuse committee and while having to deal with the level of spam and trolling must be stressing, you wouldn't know it from talking to her. Composure and practicality are the first two things that come to mind when I think about Matty and she's very likely going to be the candidate I rank as number 1.

There you have it. Now, more wading through pictures. I need a new series to marathon while I do that, I ran out of Person of Interest last week. Any recommendations?

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Oct. 7th, 2015 @ 02:45 pm Itchy Feet
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I'm feeling: Wanderlust

So, a post about the OTW elections doesn't seem to be happening. While I enjoy a good wank more than large parts of fandom, this is just too much unfunny-business.
Let's just say, I'm Alex, one of the candidates. I would urge anyone that is eligible to vote to do so, limiting the votes to Aline, Atiya, Kati, Matty and me and ranking us in whatever order they see fit.

On to other topics.
I saw A Walk in the Woods last week (still loving that flatrate cinema ticket, yes). I haven't read many of Bill Bryson's books, and this is among the ones I haven't, and while I'm sure there are many pointed observations and clever insights in the book and the film to some degree, all it made me do was really want to go on a long distance hike.

I'm predisposed to love everything about the idea. I joined the LDWA earlier this year (they are the ramblers' nerdy sibling, basically), after first staring covetously at the long distance hike signs in Australia and then walking bits and pieces of the Thames path again when I got back.

I know it's not sensible to take a couple of months (or years) off work and walk Te Araroa or one of the European Long Distance Trails. But still, I really, really want to.
I have opened all my bookmarks for specific long-distance trails all over the world and will now spend a day or two longingly staring at pictures, packlists and timeframes.

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Sep. 25th, 2015 @ 05:53 pm Everything but the kitchen sink
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Back from the US and posting a second entry in a month. The end times might be near.

  • Conference was fun and interesting as always, touristy things have been achieved - I even managed to get a few pictures up on Facebook before they fell victim to the 'need to sort and post-process' urge.
  • Was weirded out like crazy when visiting the Capitol and went up to see Senate in session when they started the session with a nice public prayer. Followed by the pledge of allegiance to freak me out even more.
  • Did some geocaching, Ingressing and LOTS of just general walking. (We shall not talk about the brief moment of near-fainting at the end of a 20k hike in the sun without food or water. Because that never happened.)
  • Avoided the pope expertly and wasn't even inconvenienced by everything shutting down for his visit.
  • Acquired a new phone and am currently enjoying having a mobile made in this decade.
  • Ran the conference fun run 5k. And a Tough Mudder the weekend before. And a trail half in August. I am also signed up for another mudrun in October. And considering another trail half in January. I seem to have settled into this running thing. So weird.
  • Roommate at the conference kept moaning at me about the reasons she quit her job - we used to work for the same company - and it was really hard to keep the sympathetic murmurs up at the appropriate level. All of her reasons are part of why I like this job. Unsocial hours? Unpredictable last minute shifts? 60+ hour weeks? Yes, that's the POINT.

Now I'm back at my computer, on call week for Translation, and answering random questions about the OTW. Because err, yeah, have I mentioned? I signed up as candidate for the coming elections. I might even manage to make a post that focuses mostly on that at some point. Possibly. We'll see.

Have a Tough Mudder pic:

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Sep. 15th, 2015 @ 06:40 pm Twice yearly entries. That's the new goal. At least I have a chance of exceeding that.So, I am writi
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So, I am writing this from somewhere above the Atlantic. The future is here and it is freaking weird.

Anyway. I obviously made it back from Australia alive. I haven't even dealt with a third of the 5000 pictures I took there yet. But now on my way for a week's holiday/work conference thingy in Washington. As you do.
What I have been up to in the last half year? The usual, Australia, lots of Translation things, European Conference in Lyon this year, more work than anyone really wants or needs, meeting the usual fandom suspects in Berlin, a trail half marathon, Nine Worlds, a Tough Mudder, lots and lots of walks, failing to update my DW, spending too much time in chat,…

To sum it up: Still alive and kicking. And despite not posting at all still prefering DW over other platforms. Let's see if this in-flight wifi actually works then.

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Jan. 18th, 2015 @ 06:47 pm On crossposting from the travelog...
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So, I'm trying to keep up a bit of a travelog. Mainly because people want to see pictures of the trip and I hate facebook's picture sharing thing. So, I'm using one of my random RL-name connected domains for that. I don't see myself writing a lot there outside of holidays but for this it is good.

I'm probably going to crosspost most things here too. Just because.

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Jan. 14th, 2015 @ 08:13 pm *taps mic*
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I am not dead. I am however going on a 6 week holiday to Australia tomorrow.

So, a summary of the last HALF YEAR might happen at some point (possibly, it _is_ a 23h journey after all). But not before probably quite a bit of talk about venomous mammals, hiking and cameras.

*wanders off again making high pitched noises*

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Jul. 18th, 2014 @ 12:29 pm Possibly working less will let me post more too. That would be nice...
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I'm feeling: chipper

I'm finishing up the last block of shifts before the new colleague starts. I am so ready to occasionally work a less than 60h week again. And the next week with 90h of work better be a long way away too.
I'm completely and utterly done with the last 3.5 months. Just done.

Oh well, I have amassed enough overtime by now to cover my whole holiday to Australia next year. So that's something?
I just didn't get a lot of other things done in that period. I had plans, you know? But, realistically speaking, none of those plans are that time sensitive. I can still do them, once I'm back from my wild to-ing and from-ing (Next week: Visit Family, Tough Mudder BB, back home. The week after: camping in MeckPom, back home. The week after: Visiting Berlin, Sommerfest chez [personal profile] kriski & [personal profile] dirtyzucchini, back home.)
All with working a couple of shifts between each trip of course.
Sleep really is overrated.

The important thing is staying focused on the next move:

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May. 28th, 2014 @ 10:42 am Yes, I did say Half Marathon.
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To continue my attempts to keep this at least kind of sort of updated, yes, I did say half marathon in the last entry.

The half marathon I've attempted three times now is a small-ish event (http://www.shaftesburyestates.com/shaftesbury-run/). It's in the middle of nowhere in Dorset.
It's run pretty much completely off road - which is one of the main reasons I am running this one. Trail running!

The one thing to keep in mind is that I HATE RUNNING. Seriously. It is the one kind of exercise I do because its good for me, not because I like it. I love climbing, I could hike for days, put me on my bike and I will cycle near and far, swimming, juggling, martial arts, I *love* all those things. Running? Hell, no.

So, I wasn't impressed when my Zombie Run music decided to Not Work for some reason.
I know there's people who enjoy just hearing their own breathing, footfalls and the sounds of nature. I am not one of them. I like those sounds when hiking. When running, I need something to distract me from the fact that I am running. Well, better luck next time I guess.

About the run itself. The weather was amazing. The trails were muddy in places but nice to run on. The course was well signposted, and I got to feel good when people in front of me had overlooked the (big, bright) arrow pointing to the left, because I noticed, called back whoever was within whistling distance and got people behind me on the right track as well.
Despite not really having trained - I was doing so well in March, but then April just kind of got away from me with overtime at work - and just plain giving up on running the hilly bits, I still finished with a better time (if only slightly) than last time. Yay.

And then I drove on to Devon (stopping at a McD for food at some point because proper nutrition for running is a thing other people do), did some small amount of hiking along the coast in the evening and went on a nice 10km hike in Dartmoor the next day. Because why not.
(The answer to that would be "Because the weather had turned and I got soaked through somewhere in the middle" in case you were wondering)

And that's about it. Drove to Exeter after, met up with fellow fan for food, drove back home, saw Days of Future Past and have been working like a maniac since again.

There is an end in sight though. Second full time vet is supposed to start in the middle of July. My rota looks so much more reasonable from them on...

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May. 22nd, 2014 @ 10:54 pm Oh no! No subject!
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I saw X-Men Days of Future Past tonight. I liked it. And I have opinions about it. Which freaks me out a little bit, as I as a rule don't have opinions on things that go beyond "Me like".
But ok. Let me tell you my opinions. Spoilers, obviouslyCollapse )

Oh. I also ran a Half Marathon on Sunday. But I think the babbling about that will have to wait a bit longer...

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Apr. 28th, 2014 @ 09:32 am Well... It's an entry. Kind of.
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I'm feeling: busy
I have no idea where the month of April just went.

Part of that is that I'm the only vet at work at the moment (for reference, we have positions/hours for 2.5) so I have been working an insane rota and stacking up the overtime. I've also decided to help out the Pet Blood Bank with donation sessions occasionally, because only my nights were filled with work so far.
Part of it is that the weather has taken a turn for the worse and I am constantly tempted to huddle up with a blanket, a hot drink and stare gloomily out the window. I have worked quite a bit on my plans for a holiday in Australia next year.

It's not that I haven't been running (though I have been doing less of that than I had planned for the month) or climbing or going to the cinema or knitting or hanging out in chat or geocaching or any of the other things that I do with my life. It's just that all of it has been attempting to be noticed in my head through haze of "Work. Sleep. Work. RAIN AGAIN? Work. WTF re-plastering the patio wall right now are you JOKING? Work. Sleep. Oh. Maybe Food."
I am still reading (as always). I still want to post more often than I get around to it. I just do not know where my brain is at any given moment right now (probably asleep, to be honest).

I should probably start self improvement project "Das Leben ist kein Ponyhof" sooner rather than later. Let's see how this goes.

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Apr. 2nd, 2014 @ 12:01 pm And for today's moment of D'Oh...
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I'm feeling: amused

As mentioned before, I'm trying to run fairly regularly at the moment (got a few Tough Mudders planned as well as my sort-of-yearly Half Marathon). I went for one run while at my parents', nice and easy, had a few quiet days in between (driving home and busy at work) but ever since I started back again every run was so much harder than before. I was out of breath and even had to slow to a walk in places I've been running past for the last few months.

I could not figure out why that was. I thought I'd maybe injured myself, blamed the busy nights of work with little to no sleep, thought about gravity fluctuations, hormones, the weather, shoes that didn't work properly on English soil, anything, really (mostly while running, it's very good for random and weird thoughts).

Until I remembered that after the run at my parents' I went and gave blood. Yes, maybe half a litre of blood less might influence speed and endurance just a tiny little bit...

In my defense, my regularly giving blood and the times when I was doing regular cardio workouts have never overlapped before.

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Mar. 28th, 2014 @ 03:42 pm Lots of Fun and Happyness. And namedropping.
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I'm feeling: amused

I have seen Captain America - The Winter Soldier and am now a happy person.
I keep waiting for Marvel to make that one film I hate, but so far it hasn't happened and that's actually nice.

Since the last time I posted I did So. Many. Things. once again, next to impossible to catch up on. But let's see...

  • I'm just back from my parents', drove there and played taxi for [personal profile] mareen and her cats on the way back
  • Some time in February, I took a short trip to Berlin, where, among other things, I visited [personal profile] kriski and [personal profile] dirtyzucchini and was fed wonderful food even though I was late /o\
  • I've continued with the running. Thanks to [personal profile] ell I found [community profile] runners and got sucked into their monthly challenges/motivation games.
  • Also in Berlin, I got new climbing shoes. They hurt so good! (This is important for climbing shoes. Just ignore it.)
  • I went climbing on Southern Sandstone for the first time. It was a lot of fun!
  • My plan to walk the Thames Path in segments whenever I have the time got put on the back burner due to rain and flooding, but now that's over I'll hopefully start again soon.
  • I've booked my flights for Prague in June (European congress I go to every year) and am planning on maybe a month long trip to Australia next year.
  • For reasons that don't need explaining, my mind is full of translation again. This is weird, but also fun.
  • I've rotaed myself for a massive load of shift in the next few months. I don't know why I did this - except because the shifts were there to be covered - but it will be interesting to see how long it will take me to curse every living being again. (Usually four days of work will do that. Can I lower that time? I'll keep you posted.)

And now I'll press post and vow to update sooner the next time. Right.

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Jan. 31st, 2014 @ 08:43 pm Cite your sources, people!
Now speaking:

The thing about tumblr that is annoying me most is that it is so bloody hard to find the original post.
Somewhere in the endless chain of reblogs, information is usually lost.

If people didn't attempt to keep that information available, all I would have seen were a few dorky portraits of Scarlett Johansson.
Nice for a chuckle and then moving on. Instead of realising that those dorky portraits are part of an exhibition that is on in Somerset House right now. And its free.

Oh yes, I spent an hour or two there today, creepily staring at portraits, trying to work out how they were shot or why they work.
(What? I have my geeky photo technique enjoyment and others reminisce about the films they have seen those portrayed in. It's all good.)

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Jan. 30th, 2014 @ 04:47 pm But I don't even *like* running...
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I'm feeling: chipper

Really. Running? So not my sport. I really don't like it very much. But as the saying goes Das Leben ist kein Wunschkonzert and it is the one exercise that doesn't require any preparation or planning to do.
Also, I signed up for two Tough Mudders this year and will likely also try for my usual half marathon. Just possibly, running will be involved in one or two of those. Might as well practice.

However, this is one of the less waterlogged paths around here at the moment
I also do not like running on the pavement. Or the road.

I've just got a second pair of shoes so I can alternate and let them dry out properly.
What was I saying again about not requiring preparation or planning?

(Yes, still trying the 'short entries fairly frequently' thing to get me talking)

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Jan. 12th, 2014 @ 08:16 pm I seriously need another hobby like a hole in the head.
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: weird

I was puttering along, doing a number of things that needed doing, booted up the Macbook to use one bit of software that won't work on my Linux machine, no matter what, and Steam wanted updating.
Updated it, went on puttering, thought "Oh, maybe I'll update the Steam client on the Linux box too" and by doing so actively reminded myself that there are games that can be played on the desktop.

Bad mistake.

Suddenly it's Sunday evening and I spent the last three days playing through Half Life (yes, I know it's over 15 years old but see the bit before about Linux).
I still *suck* at any kind of fine motor skills. I save approximately every five seconds because ladders will kill me. But oh fuck, so addictive. And there's about 9 more parts I could play.
Send help!.

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Dec. 31st, 2013 @ 10:25 am Happy New Year! (New Zealand should be nearly there, right)
Now speaking:

Ever since I finished work yesterday (08:30 on the 30th, for reference) I have been loudly enthusiastic about the fact that I am done with work for the year.
Nearly everyone just looks at me and tells me "There's only one more day left in the year."

This is not the point. If you want to be annoying about it, you can even mention that my next shift is the New Year's Day shift, starting at 09:00 on the 1st.
But why would you mention that? Do you enjoy being a mean, horrible person?
(No judgement, I know I am and enjoy it immensely).

Anyway. I don't do New Year's resolutions, but I like fresh starts so the New Year is a great time to reiterate all the (self) improvement things I've been working on the last year (and have been very lax in doing for half of December.)

Which I will now continue to do.
See you all next year. May it be better than the last one.

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Dec. 5th, 2013 @ 01:02 pm This and that and ... who cares it's an entry!
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I'm feeling: rushed

This is a thing of beauty: Berliner? Pfannkuchen? Palatschinken???
(Kreppel! And I wonder about Quarkkeulchen sometimes)

I went bouldering in Yorkshire before this year's work congress. Being all on my own, a 15 minute walk from my car with no mobile reception I, for once, heeded common sense and did not try any hard moves.
(I might have looked a bit less like a deer in the headlight if I had...)

Then I went to said congress. And it's yearly dress up dinner. This year it wasn't fancy dress but black tie.
Boring. But now I know how to tie a bow tie. Useful? Probably not so much.

And now I'll do some maths homework because I've decided to see how far I can stretch my motivation on a distance learning course in civil engineering. See me decide it is too much work in a couple of months...

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Nov. 18th, 2013 @ 03:02 pm Oh no! No subject!
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: rushed

How is it now November?</br> I have not made that entry with pictures from my trip yet. But I have new pictures and stories to post already. I *refuse* to simply skip the necessary lengthy entry. I will not do that.

So, when I left off here I had just returned from the US. And was back at work and busy. Story of my life, nothing new there.
The reason I had been to the USA was the yearly meeting of the International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. A horribly mouthful and the reason acronyms were invented. I've been going to EVECCS for years, it's a nice chance for a few days in a different european city (and some CPD) every year. IVECCS this year was in San Diego and I knew a few colleagues that were definitely going.
Interesting city + people to pressure into roomsharing + CPD = Alex is going to IVECCS.

But I certainly wasn't going to be on a plane for 13 hours just for five days of congress. I made a holiday out of it, another week, massive road trip, as many touristy things as I could cram into that.

To give you an idea, here's a map:

Let's just say I drove a lot.

And hiked and took pictures. Most of which can be found in the album with the map.
And a few behind the cutCollapse )

I *want* to talk about the hiking. The driving. Everything. But if I don't click 'post' any time soon, I will not ever post this entry. So. This is it for now. Short and basic.

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Sep. 23rd, 2013 @ 03:16 pm So, this is what the flip side looks like?
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I'm feeling: busy

I've arrived back from my holiday on Thursday and have been working every night or day since.
Fun thing - for a given value of fun - walk in front door at 16:00 after 36h in airports or on planes, walk out again at 18:15 to work a 14h night shift. At least my sleep schedule is so messed up, I don't really notice the jet lag.

In between and during the down time at work I've been slogging through my photos and catching up on the email and DW backlog.</br> I'm nearly done with the photos and I *will* post a few of them when I'm done.
Have a teaser:

(Oh joy, transferring from SD to tablet leaves the exif behind. *adds to to-do-list*)

For now though, I'm going back to dealing with the pile of conference and holiday debris and side eying those election results...

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Sep. 4th, 2013 @ 12:54 pm I'm off, see you on the flip side.
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Current Location: Hertfordshire
I'm feeling: excited
Less than 24h before my plane leaves and I am ridiculously excited for this holiday.
I've been conveniently ignoring the fact that the first five days in San Diego are actually work related. It all sounds fairly interesting, I just don't care at all.
(Compassion fatigue is a valid lifestyle choice, leave me alone.)
There should be wireless for the first few days. For the road trip with hiking after, probably not so much. I know better than to promise and entry with pictures, but there might possibly be? Maybe?

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Aug. 7th, 2013 @ 09:51 am I can't really title ever single entry "I aten't dead"
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I'm feeling: bouncy

My ankle looks like this at the moment: maybe not for the squeamishCollapse )

This, amazingly enough, has nothing to do with climbing or the Tough Mudder I ran last month. I simply stepped in a pothole on the street. Pure stupidity.
It doesn't even hurt any more. Just ... is swollen and purple-green.
I'm not someone to make sensible health decisions, so I went climbing on it once already. Which I shouldn't do but I have way too much energy and no way to get rid of it.
Problem is, swollen as it is, it doesn't squeeze properly into climbing shoes. Also, my california trip which involves lots of hiking is less than a month away. I *should* be sensible.

It's something I do so well.

Exhibit A - The Ridi shaped mud monster on the right.

That race was so much funCollapse ) Please note the lovely orange hats on the rest of my team. This is what I've been doing when I'm bored at the moment. Knitting hats.
Knitting hats and marathoning first the West Wing and now ER

It keeps me entertained.
And since the summer sale on Steam I have a playable version of Civilization for the first time in 20 years. This is not good. I can lose days to that game...

Hmm. Coherent, this entry is not. But it's got pictures and will maybe break through the barrier of "Too much stuff, can't post before I have talked about all this".
We'll see.

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Jun. 28th, 2013 @ 10:40 am I love to wander aimlessly
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I'm feeling: chipper
I just really like to walk. Pretty fast too, as most people who visit me can attest (sorry again [personal profile] dirtyzucchini and [personal profile] kriski!) So when I got linked to the [community profile] flaneurs comm from [community profile] snapshot_bingo it certainly sounded like the place for me. Except for the fact that my mental picture of flânerie involves parasols and Unter den Linden. Not quite my speed. But the general idea of wandering aimlessly or just for the sake of it appeals to me a great deal. This month was the time for a number of challenges in that comm. And so I ended up walking the official walks in Welwyn Garden City. Being a Garden City, Welwyn isn't that old. And apart from being a Garden City, there's not much about it that's interesting. But it's certainly pretty with lots of green. Here's my report for the comm. With picturesCollapse ) All in all a pleasant, if relatively boring walk And now, back to not saying much at all. I'm actually trying to train for a tough mudder race in July. So much fun! comment count unavailable comments on the original post. See http://ridicully.dreamwidth.org/259878.html to comment.
May. 9th, 2013 @ 10:01 am Apparently I now see films the night they come out.
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I'm feeling: relaxed

So, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday. It was an ok movie. I liked it. It just didn't make me sqee like Iron Man 3 did.

Spoilers, obviouslyCollapse )

Also: Yes, 3D is pretty much *made* for Starships warping out.

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Apr. 25th, 2013 @ 10:33 am Iron Man 3
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Not Insane!, Clowns
I'm feeling: enthralled

It's April. In England. How did I manage to get massively sunburnt?
Oh, yes, I decided that walk all of Regent's Canal yesterday. Clever me.

But this entry isn't about that. It's a place to flail because I went and saw Iron Man 3 last night.

Spoilers. Obviously. Well, flailing that might contain fleeting spoilers.Collapse ) I don't do coherent reviews, sorry. But it was FUN.

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Apr. 22nd, 2013 @ 12:18 pm "My pygmy hedgehog won't walk" at 02:00 is my current favourite surreal phone call.
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I'm feeling: chipper

In other news, I asked [personal profile] temve for an age for the Memory Lane Memeage and I got 23.
That takes us back to the end of 2003 and through most of 2004. But not all the way to my very first meeting of real life fans. That was in the end of 2004.
I'd started on LJ early in 2003 and was actually posting a lot.

So, walking down memory lane,

I lived in Leipzig. North west of the city centre. On my own. With Kuno the dobermann. Good times.

I drove a Toyota Yaris Verso (but quite often I rode my bike). I love that car. Large enough to carry a bike without taking it apart, a dog, lots of luggage and still shorter than a Golf.

I was in a relationship with... no one. And good thing I wasn't. That would have been such a bad idea on so many levels.

I feared not much? The odd bout of existential angst. Fleeting thoughts of people dying, exams being failed, the world ending. But otherwise? Pretty much fear free. I'm always been very stubborn, though and "I'm not having any of this silliness" is a phrase that I associate with self improvement.

I worked at the department of pharmacology at uni. Doing data entry and basic html formatting. As student jobs go, not too bad. I could set my own hours and was doing about an hour or two in the mornings before classes a few days a week.
I had applied to work for a fast food chain doing evening or night shifts before but was rejected for being overqualified. I'm not at all still bitter about that.

I wanted to be finished with uni, a fully qualified Vet, earning a proper salary, less socially awkward, better at exams, traveling, ... lots of things, but mostly I was content to be where I was at that place in time.

Wow. I have always been pretty boring. But reading up on my old LJ entries is fun. I really should post more, if just to be able to look back on today like this.

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Apr. 14th, 2013 @ 08:12 am I have no idea where time is going, but wherever it is, it is going there fast.
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I'm feeling: amused
Yes, of course, work is eating a lot of it. But I'm not doing the massive amounts of overtime I usually do in summer.
And I do try to go climbing twice or thrice a week. And usually I combine at least one of those trips with a visit to the cinema (I love my flatrate cinema ticket). Though there have been not many interesting films in March. But April and May will bring Iron Man and Star Trek and I will be happy.

A lot of time is also taken up making plans, because free slots in my diary are disapearing quickly. From - "I'll probably just have a relaxed year" it has quickly changed to my usual "Do I *have* to schedule time in to sleep?". So far I'm doing a half marathon in May, am going to Coppenhagen for a work congress in June, doing an assault course run thingy in July and am going to San Diego for another work congress in September. With a week long road trip through California after. Just because.
Add to that people visiting me and I visiting people and there is a lot of excitement in the next couple of months. Though it looks like August is still relatively free... I wonder if I can squeeze a couple of diving trips in there? Or maybe I should schedule for some overtime. Hmmm.

Anyway. I'm not writing this entry just to post something, but also, because I did sign up for the [community profile] snapshot_bingo. And I actually took some pictures!
Behind the cut, a bingo card. And the blackout. WoohooCollapse )
And now the Doctor Who download has hopefully finished. Even though this is the first Weekend in seven weeks I am at home and not at work, I forgot to turn on the TV yesterday. And I can't be bothered to use iPlayer.

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Jan. 30th, 2013 @ 06:01 pm The basic premise of my job is very simple. Nothing new there.
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I'm feeling: mellow
As seen everywhere, the The Up-Goer Fiver description of my job.

I try and sometimes manage to fix sick or broken animals. I work nights or when everyone else is not.
I only work with small animals. Large ones have their own look-afters.

In other news, I'm less grumpy. Have managed to go climbing at least twice a week every week this year. And will go and buy a tablet tomorrow. Because gadgets are good against boredom.

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Jan. 20th, 2013 @ 09:46 am In which I sound horribly grumpy for no reason at all.
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I'm feeling: bored
I intended to update last weekend, when I had booked myself to work 60 hours between Friday evening and Monday morning. But funnily enough I used every minute I didn't need to look after patients to sleep. Weird.

Then I wanted to update when my new fancy designer litter tray was delivered and there was barely any litter on the floor any more. But then I thought I am not yet enough of a crazy cat lady to do that. Public excitement about the roomba, yes. Litter tray, no. You've got to have standards.

Then I thought I would update after the photography course I was booked to go on this Saturday, post some pictures maybe. And the course was canceled because of the snow. Which shouldn't surprise me, I *know* everything here shuts down if even one flake of snow is spotted, but still...

The least I can use this entry for is to post a bingo card. I signed up for [community profile] snapshot_bingo. Let's see how long until I throw in the towel.
Behind the cut, a bingo card. WoohooCollapse )

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Dec. 24th, 2012 @ 10:30 am Oh no! No subject!
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I'm feeling: bouncy
Just two more nights of work and then I am *done* for this year. Ok, my next shift after is New Years Day, but that is beside the point.

I've been grumping about my senior vet being a moron for the last couple of days. Well, more than I usually do. She doesn't seem to be able to wrap her head around the concept that even though we only work out of ours, nights, weekends and bank holidays, the rota still has to be drawn up fairly. Having children does *not* give you special powers of not having to work this or that day. If you ask nicely, some people might be willing to switch shifts with you so you can have the days off, but none of us get to say we're simply not working any given day. Everyone draws the short stick occasionally, that's the way it is. If you don't like it, you work in day practice where you get bank holidays off. Grrr. Argh.
This in addition to the thousand other small things that make me want to smash her head against a wall in the hopes it might rattle something in her brain and start her *thinking*.
At least I like her well enough as a person. But oh hell, how I wish to work with someone who actually uses their brain occasionally.

I think I might need to invest in a free standing punching bag at some point. Too much grumbling about people being stupid makes me punch walls and that leaves dents. Not good for my security deposit.

I opened this window because I wanted to talk about Little Hissy, the cat that I've been given to look after (much to Tiny's confusion) but talk about being angry and wanting to punch things will have to do for now.

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Dec. 21st, 2012 @ 09:30 am Have a picture then. Topic for the evening was "Best of British"
Now speaking:
All right. As I said, people on Facebook will have seen this before and I
apologize for that, but I am usually the person taking pictures, so there are
no other pictures of me in costume that I'm aware of.
Next year's theme is rumoured to be a proper ball. Anyone know where to best
get a tuxedo from?

I have a lot more things to talk about, but should probably stick to posting
short entries but often instead of pages of text every half year...

Apparently a Mohawk looks natural on me...Collapse )

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Dec. 19th, 2012 @ 10:09 am This, that and the kitchen sink
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I'm feeling: hungry
So, apparently just thinking about it still doesn't make an entry appear here. Who knew?

I've been quiet for a few months. Again. But to be fair, I was doing an ostrich impression in RL for about three of those months too. I'd applied for a job in Switzerland and I don't do well with waiting for other people to make decisions. I was pretty much working, climbing, reading, NOT TALKING TO ANYONE from July 'till October.
But yeah, no job change for me. Which is not all bad, I'm not sure I would have liked to move. But it was one of those 'you'd be crazy not to apply' jobs.

And then it was November, the month of the year that, for some strange reason, never sees me at home for more than two days in a row.
Among other things I was off to a work congress. With a fancy dress evening. This year's topic was 'Best of British' so naturally I went as a Punk. Facebook has seen pictures, but I think I'll have to post one here too for posterity.
Then there was a tour of Germany with a few Parties, lots of touristy London things due to visitors and - as usual - work.

Now, I've kind of caught up on all my immediate to-do items. There's still a lot of long term ones - geo tag all photos, figure out better database structure for caselog, scan all the photos,... - but none of them are 'have to do' items, just 'would like to do at some point'.
I've even started to work on the CPD from hell again in my search for something useful to do.
I fear the world *is* going to end in two days. I have no other explanation for this otherwise.

Seeing as how I have to work the weekend nights, as well as christmas eve night and christmas day night I might not mind too much actually...
Nah. On second thought, keep going world. My family's celebrations have always been purely secular anyway, so I don't mind celebrating my own little fest of "Thank fuck the days have started to get longer again! Let's light as many candles as possible, put tinsel on the surfaces without candles, meet family and stuff ourselves with food." a few days later than usual.
But I have to miss the whole clan gathering on boxing day. Which is a tragedy, because this year it's in Franken again, at a place particularly suited to the purpose of stuffing yourself with food.

I'll have to make do with takaway. How shall I survive?

Right, now post this, make sure no to-do things have crept up on me while I wasn't looking, then off to the cinema (love my flat rate card for that) and climbing after. Really, my life is unbearably hard.

I don't actually *like* stream of consciousness in literature, but apparently that's my form of choice for journaling these days. Gnarf. Argh.

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Aug. 13th, 2012 @ 01:21 pm Well, let's try this email/picture posting then
Now speaking:
So, I was volunteering for the Olympics last weekend. For reasons.

As it was an outdoors venue, there was enough time in between doing my job to
take pictures.

So I have lots of pics of spectators and mountain biking. But I'm only going
to include one of me in the oh-so-flattering volunteer uniform here.

Because I'm mean. Because I want to see what errors this will come up

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Aug. 13th, 2012 @ 01:14 pm Hmmm.
Now speaking:
It's possible that an email post will appear here at some point. Unless I messed something up.
Then I will have to copy things over by hand.
But I'll give it a bit of time first.

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Jul. 22nd, 2012 @ 10:16 am My life is weird and I like it that way
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: lazy

Hi! Still not dead, need to update more often, so much to write about, yaddi yaddah, everyone knows how this goes.

The reason I'm actually updating today is that I have to record what I did last night for posterity.

Because, whenever I imagined being collected by a police car at one on the morning (not that I make a habit of imagining things like this) serious business and drama were the things I mostly associated with it. Not so much hilarity and unexpected sweetness.

But there I was, at one at night in the back of a police car, in my scrubs and bright yellow crocs, with a gauntlets and a heavy towel in my hands, being driven to the site of an RTA where a second police car had set up some traffic cones to make a diversion around an injured cat in the middle of the road because the police were afraid of harming it further by touching it.

Surreal. Sweet. Hilarious.

Anecdote over, back to catching some sleep and then to work.

And the 2500km in four days roadtrip of hell I thought would be fun to make next week. I might even write an entry about it at some point.

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May. 3rd, 2012 @ 03:26 pm This is not even navel gazing. That would imply some kind of focus.
Now speaking:
Sodomy non sapiens
I'm feeling: dorky

So, there's this interesting entry on how to make DW/LJ/... more lively. And there's the 100 Things challenge.

And those made me think about the fact that the main use of my journal is not so much the interactive part.
I'm to inarticulate and uncreative to be ever more than a lurker (that might possibly occasionally help with the infrastructure) in fandom.
I'm certainly not good at writing any kind of thinky thought entry.
I'm not even using it as a proper diary.

But what I do is write down things that are on my mind at that moment. Just a general reminder of my mindset on any given day. A snapshot.
Add movies watched, exhibitions visited, music listened to and facebook statuses and you get a kind of scrapbook. Nothing as frilly as the term implies, something closer to the quantified self movement. Just .. less quantifiable.

And this is something that is right up there in the list of things I like.
At the moment I use an app called Momento to pull everything together but I'm resigned to the fact that at some point I will have to invest some serious thought in a sturdy way to combine and keep this scramblebook of my life.

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Apr. 29th, 2012 @ 11:35 am Hulk ... Smash.
Now speaking:
Not Insane!, Clowns
I'm feeling: hyper

  • Saw Avengers on Friday. Loved it a LOT.

  • Am now looking for fic. Nothing new there.

  • Don't feel as OTP drawn as usual. Weird. Oh well, more to read!

  • (Seem to have read all completed XMFC OTP fic. Was close to despairing and starting on WiPs.)

  • Just gave up and ordered new computer. I love my ThinkPad-Screen-random_bits setup but sorting photos or even just epubs slows it to a crawl.

  • Restrained myself and only got 8GB RAM, even if the 16GB option still makes me salivate.

  • Have so many fun things to plan and no idea how to squeeze them in the year.

    Outdoors Climbing! Cool exhibitions! Diving! New York! People visiting! Barcelona! More Diving? More Climbing? Oh, right, work has to be in there occasionally too.

  • Am thinking about 100 things challenge.But afraid topic choice would default to work related subject.

  • Three more nights and I'll be done with the current crazy block of work shifts. Will be slightly manic until then.

  • Nobody but me will be able to tell the difference of course.

  • New computer can't get here soon enough. This one just froze up for half a minute because I dared ask it to open Chrome while writing this entry in Opera..

  • Will learn how to use the English language properly again at some point, I'm sure.

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Apr. 7th, 2012 @ 08:51 pm Wargh. Communication.
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: sleepy

I'm reaching the information overload stage again, where I *can't* post an entry, because I haven't posted about thing or other-thing.

Suffice to say (as a placeholder) that I had a [personal profile] kriski and a [personal profile] dirtyzucchini visiting. Lots of fun was had. I have more guests staying just now. Am working through the bank holiday weekend as usual. And have so much more to ramble on about that I'll never catch up. Nothing new there.

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Jan. 26th, 2012 @ 10:00 am Completely random things again
Now speaking:

I woke up this morning, with these three massive bruises on my shoulder that really puzzled me - I spent the night on my sofa, reading. But then I remembered that my car had broken down yesterday and having a fifteen year old Ford Escort Estate's frame poking your shoulder while pushing the car in a position where it doesn't block any other cars probably *would* cause some bruising.
I'm now convinced I'm going to bang that shoulder all the time when going climbing tomorrow. Not that I usually do, but with those bruises already there it's just one of those things that are going to happen.
Carrying the tripod and camera on tonight's trip to take pictures of London by night (sometimes there are fun things on Groupon) is probably also going to be fun.
My life would be so boring without my regular random injury.

Because my life was getting too boring anyway - I'm such a born paper pusher that it sometimes scares me - I decided to add some chaos by moving.
My justification went something like this: Well, the flat I'm in is supposed to be torn down later this year anyway and I'm not actually allowed to have pets. I'm fed up with hiding Tiny every time they have an inspection!
So I mailed an inquiry about a flat I liked, went to see it, had them talk the landlord into accepting me having a cat and paid the deposit. All within less than 8 hours.
That really helped with the conviction that I'm too organized.

Anyway, not to worry [personal profile] kriski and [personal profile] dirtyzucchini the new flat is just across the road from the old one, so Hatfield house is still close.

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Jan. 10th, 2012 @ 10:47 am If silence is golden, this is probably leaden.
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: rambling

I try not to moan too much about work here - though I could easily fill in for Vets behaving badly my new favourite blog - but at some point in the future, there will be an entry devoted solely to moaning about the PDSA. Consider yourself warned.

For now I will just complain about the BBC airing every single show I might want to watch at a time when I'm neither at home nor at work but actively commuting between the two. They do it on purpose, I'm sure.
At least I don't have to fiddle with a proxy to use iplayer. Still haven't seen the latest Sherlock though. Because I ... just haven't tried watching it. Bad fan. Bad.

And I'm idly thinking about buying a new computer. Not that my Laptop-as-Desktop isn't working any more, it is just getting a bit old. And while I have the MBA, it just doesn't feel right as my main computer. Can't stand having my main machine running mostly OS X for one.
Hmm. Time to hit the bookmarks for the custom mini pc websites...

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Jan. 7th, 2012 @ 01:58 pm I think people would mind if I just drove my car over their golf course...
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: gloomy - I hate day shifts

I just can't get over the surreality of my job sometimes.

I'm at work right now and we had a client call up, saying that their dog just collapsed next to them and they weren't sure if it was breathing any more. Sad story, but something that happens quite often with certain breeds.

Usually we'd have her bring the dog in as quickly as possible (house visits are not really feasible for anything but euthanasia for a number of reasons). Only problem in this case? She's on the local golf course - which is a proper, enormous 18 hole monster - at the 7th hole. And then she hung up on us. We didn't yet get a phone number to call her back.

So we just spend 10 minutes googling the golf course and calling their office (no answer), their shop (luckily someone answered, the next try would have been the bar) to figure out where the 7th hole is, so my nurse can drive up there and have a look around if there is any distressed woman, dead dog or anything else to be found.

You shouldn't have to make phone calls that start "I know this is going to sound crazy, but..." at work, I'm sure of it.

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Jan. 6th, 2012 @ 11:30 am Just a few facts. Lists are lovely
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: awake
  • Quite a lot of my daily watercooler talk goes on facebook these days. I seem to be one of the few people I know who don't mind that place overly much.
    What can I say, I don't have any expectations about privacy or decent behaviour from them and that serves me well.
    I also don't see any problem with writing down basically meaningless things. They are the kind of things I would tell my friends over a cup of coffee if I were still living in the same city/country/continent. And online they can actually ignore me when I bore them, something that isn't especially easy when I'm sitting right next to them.
  • I've pretty much stopped watching any kind of TV series while it airs. I do marathons after a season finishes.
  • I've also stopped reading WiPs. The AO3 and the 'complete only' checkbox are my happy place.
  • I've been doing something similar to [personal profile] copperbadge's Adventur Programme for the last months.
    I've lived in Leipzig for over five years and haven't been to the Grassi museum. Same for Berlin and the Bauhaus museum and so many more. Which would be perfectly ok if museums just bored me, but I'm a huge museum geek (admittedly more for science, history, natural history, design and architecture than plain art, but that doesn't really limit it much). I'm determined not to let that happen for London.
    So yesterday I went to the Natural History museum - for the wildlife photography exhibition. And after I started wandering and ended up in the central hall. Which had amazing architecture, a dinosaur and Charles Darwin. I might have stood there flailing for a while.
  • That was after I realised that they offer any of the exhibitions photographs of the last few years custom printed. No more loving a picture but knowing that it would not have made the cut to be made into a print.
    I love living in the future.
  • Today: reading, climbing and still possibly cinema.
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Jan. 4th, 2012 @ 04:22 pm And then we just stop posting for a few months...
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: exhausted

I hope everyone had a good start to the new year!

Mine was certainly busy - fun fact: when working at an out of hours/emergency place, chances are, any kind of public holidays will be mental - and today marks the first hours I haven't spent in scrubs or pyjamas since the 27th.

So once again I have lots of things I want to write about - most of which will end up as never posted drafts, I'm sure - and not really the time to do it.
Rest assured that I am reading my dwcircle every day and even check up on the four or five people I'm still following on LJ every few days.
I just continue to be the stereotypical lurker. And I would make a resolution to change that if I did resolutions.

And now, dye my hair and go to bed. Natural History museum tomorrow and possibly cinema in the afternoon. Mine is an exciting life.

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Sep. 23rd, 2011 @ 01:17 pm NSFW is not a concept vets really get.
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: amused

Have I mentioned lately how much I love M? Silly hipster that he is, he makes me laugh like not many other people.
Just checked my bank account, he transferred the money he owed me for our camping trip in August.
The line for the purpose of the transaction?
naked cleaning, giant dildo, wet fun
Oh hell, boy. How do you even exist?

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Sep. 22nd, 2011 @ 08:30 pm What is this abomination?
Now speaking:
I'm feeling: pleased

So, in an attempt to kitten-proof my flat (as noticed by a lot of people on my last entry, he is extremely cute. I promise I'll try to limit the crazy cat-owner talk) I decided on a trip to Ikea to replace the Ivar shelf I've been using for everything computer related so far with something closed that would not provide such an exciting rope course made of cables.

Found a TV bench that looked ok on the website, checked availability at Ikea Tottenham/Edmonton got no errors so left home begrudgingly (I had just finished my 12 nights in a row that morning with a call and incoming patient at 04:15) at about 16:00 to drive there.

Driving in London is a bad idea, I know, but reaching Ikea any other way is even worseCollapse )

And now to the important part: Why are they not offering onions, pickles or even mayonnaise for the Ikea hot-dogs in the UK? These are the things that make these hot-dogs great instead of the most boring kind of food ever!

This is seriously the bit that annoyed me most about the whole day. Get me stuck in traffic as long as you want, but I want pickles on my hot-dog for my troubles.

So, today I put the shelf together, put it in place and equipped with all the extension cords it needs. I guess the kitten will need to find some other way to try and kill itself now.
Also managed to get a haircut and generally just veg out in front of the computer otherwise. I definitely needed that day off.
And tomorrow it's off to a couple of museum stores to find some nice postcards, get some climbing in on the way home and in the evening, back to work. My life is so exciting.

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