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Ridicully - verbal voyeur extraordinaire

But I don't want to give lessons in nordic walking

I'm a person who likes to help. Or rather, who has problems watching other people do things badly when I know I could do it better (or at least help them - for those areas that even my arrogance understands that I'm not really good at).

Due to this, I often have to actively remind myself of the distinction between Other People's ProblemsTM and My ProblemsTM.

And I was doing so well until yesterday.

Yesterday I went to the nordic walking 'training' our local skiing club offers. I was there as the motivation for sister2 and my father and since sister2 lost something and I went looking for her (I'm the oldest sister, I simply *can't* ignore the fact that my little sister is not with the group any longer) I had the chance to have a look at the technique of the whole group while getting back to the front of the group.

Now, I've only had one lesson in nordic walking in my life (another one of those times I was to motivate sister2), but the technique isn't actually difficult - after someone explained the basic points. Those points have to be explained because otherwise it's not Nordic Walking but Walking And Sticking Sticks In The Ground.

After I've told all this to my father, he told me to give the beginners a short introduction to nordic walking next week.


Never mind that I've actually had a license to give basic training in a different discipline (I didn't renew it and got it mostly for insurance reasons but I did the whole course), the last lessons I gave were on juggling and for children, four years ago. I don't particularly like the idea to explain a sport I have absolutely no experience in to a group of 60 year olds. The actual movement is no problem as far as I can tell - I did nordic skiing (or the summer variation roller skiing) for years - but I don't know how to explain *why*.


Everything would be so much better if I had someone else to blame but myself.

I'll see what I can do. First step: Find out if the information on the technique is actually correct. Nothing more embarassing than being convinced to do something right only to be shown that this isn't the case.

In other news, I have a new car. for some reasons involving interest rates, contracts and banks, my parents have a new car for my nearly exclusive use.
I did mention that my live is much too good, right? The only 'bad' thing is that I left part of the paperwork and one key of the old car in Leipzig and will have to use the weekend to get them. But I won't drive. I'm going to find out the hard way if the iPod will make the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket in any way less boring.

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