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Don't mind me, I'm just talking to myself.

The Olympics do two things to me.
First of all, they make me admitt my love for anthems. Most of them are just so unashamedly pompous, I can't help but like them.
And I they make me want to start competitive sports. Which I know to be silly, because I never take sports very serious. I'm having lots of fun training, but never put enough effort in to become actually *good* (this is the story of my life, I'm just lazy and don't like to admit it).
Still, triathlon is looking so tempting. Endurance, but not only running. Ohhh. There's also winter triathlon, swimming, biking and nordic skiing. *ponders*
No! Stupid creature! Think of the exams next year. Don't even think about wasting more time than you already do.
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