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Unconnected complaints

It's 9 a.m. on a holiday and I'm not only awake, but I've been so since 6:30.
I seem to be unable to sleep after 7 a.m. even if I went to bed around 4.
Just great.

This evening is promising to be fun. We're going to the lake for a barbecue. We in this case means 8-10 women in their twenties all of them veterinary students.
None of them talented in the area of making fire.
Today we will have a male participant (not a vet, men don't want to become vets, in our class of 150 there're not even 20) for the first time - I think it will be fun to watch.

I've realized that I'm starting to 'borrow' phrases in writing too - I hate it when this happens when I'm speaking, if I'm talking with somebody quite often I tend to copy certain patterns of speech and I have to make an conscious effort to stop it.

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