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Just played a computer game for the first time in years. (Procrastinata is my middle name. And *years*? When did that happen?)
Anyway, the end of Myst Schizm is really, really bad.
Thank you for your attention. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, for another episode of 'Who the hell cares?'.

Edit:Oh, and if anybody still needs GMail invites? I've got some of those and nobody whom to give them.
Edit 2: (err, Nobody to give them to? One day I'll buy a book on English grammar - and then I'll miss my handy excuse for any mistakes)
Edit 3: Looking at this, I think I'll cut down on my coffee intake.
Edit 4 (one day later): Oh god, I can't even write down the name of a game. I have bigger problems than the coffee.
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