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I'm looking at the photos, I'm reading the news and while I know what I'm seeing is terrible, I'm feeling nothing.
While this detachment is good when dealing with a crisis, it doesn't do any good when you're just watching something happening far away. And it makes appropriate reactions a bit difficult. I generally simply claim to be callous, which I probably am.
Exactly how much of a cynic am I?
As terrible as the whole thing is, one of my first thoughts, when it first made the news, was that if you're going to take hostages - taking children *and* parents is pretty clever. Apart from the fact that threatening the kids will probably keep some parents in check, if you manage to kill all of them, there are not as many direct relatives out for you blood - that is, if you aren't on a suicide mission. And nearly no government wants to face the bad press of not doing something were children are concerned.
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