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The same thing happening every year doesn't make it any better.

It's barely September. It's still summer. It's 30°C.
Starting now to sell Lebkuchen is ridiculous!

Spent the afternoon in Mainz. Exhibition on the crusades (No war is holy). Very interesting and trying very hard to give a balanced view. Quotes or reports always from one Christian and one Islamic writer. Since we didn't cover the crusades in school, my brain is now buzzing with new information.
It's a bit funny to realize, that I've never seen the Dom in Mainz before. Seeing how I grew up half an hour away from this city, one should think I've seen more of it than the Gutenbergmuseum. But on the other hand, I've never been inside the Paulskirche either and Frankfurt is even closer than Mainz.
But I will listen to the Thomanerchor at least once before I leave Leipzig .
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