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Oh so very articulate again.

Der Untergang tonight.
Difficult movie.
Even beyond the feeling of inherent wrongness of seeing Adolf Hitler presented as even marginally human (or actually seeing him on screen for more than a five seconds at a time).
Exhausting movie.
Even without trying to understand the level of compartmentalizing humans are capable off.
Not a bad movie, not a movie trying to whitewash the facts.
But difficult. Very difficult and strenuous.
And trying to keep the whole 'how am I supposed to feel' deal apart from the 'genuine reaction, not influenced by upbringing and conditioning'? Still hard work (and mostly unsuccessful, I suspect).

And to get back to my usual shallow self?
I love the fact that in the little cinema in my hometown I'm paying the same ammount for a ticket and nachos, I'd spend on a ticket alone in Leipzig.
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