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Me, thinking aloud

Interesting questions:

  • Was mans/fathers day known in western Germany before 1989?
    Maybe I find some time to look it up today.
  • Who had the stupid idea to invent the 15 Euro fee one has to pay to be allowed to make a fire on the lake? And put this information on a sign five meters away from the water, nearly 50 meters away from the place used for the fires and not even near the path everyone has to take? No one of all the people there had seen it, it's not just me being blind.
  • And how can it be that I spent an evening in a sleeveless shirt and relatively short trousers and the only place I got bitten by bugs is the lower half of my right arm? Does my blood taste different there?
And finally

  • Who thinks anyone would want to read a story with a summary like this: "Sevvy baby gets some bad news--right before his dinner date with Ron!!! Is there a break-up coming?" ?
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