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Strange combination of movies yesterday.

First American History X, I forgot how much I like it. Any movie that gets me thinking but doesn't make its tries to manipulate me too obvious is good.

And after this Dogma dubbed in Spanish. This is what I get for owning the region 1 special edition which naturally has no German audio track, and for having friends who lived most of their lives in Caracas and Spain.

Just in case we needed a third movie, I went to rent one in the afternoon. I couldn't resist and took CoS. We didn't need it, but I don't have to give it back till tomorrow and a lot of time today.
And I've only seen it once in the cinema, and that was the dubbed version.

Maybe it was a good thing the others didn't see it, they already think I'm crazy just because I mentioned that I'm frustrated because I'm sure the post won't manage it to deliver OoP on Saturday and I'm not at home on Monday and Tuesday morning. So I won't get to read it till Wednesday if I'm unlucky.
They just said 'That's just three days, what's the problem?'.
Sometimes I have to fight the urge to whine Nobody understands me!

I'll just take it as proof that I'm good at hiding how obsessed I really am.

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