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Babbling about books

I have Monstrous Regiment.
Life is good.

That's something I love about Pratchett, I can wait a year for the paperback without being spoiled (not that it would matter much if I were, I like his writing* and his characters, the plot is secondary).
And I like paperbacks much more than hardbacks. They take up less space on the shelves and in bags and they can be squeezed together to make some more room. I hate it to break a hardbacks spine, in paperbacks, it's not as bad.
There are very few books that *need* to be hardbacks. The Neverending Story is one of them. It also needs to have red and green printing, big letters at the start of each chapter and an auryn on the front. But that's a special case.
In most other cases, I really rather buy the paperback (and make it into a hardcover myself if I want to preserve it) than buy the hardback.
* The reason I'll love his early books forever, even though the later ones are better, are the footnotes. I really love the footnotes *g*

By the way, wanting to play the Discworld games is a perfectly valid reason not to update a pc from win 95 to anything more recent, right?
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