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Where did this month go? September 1st was just some days ago.

First rule when dealing with my family:
Remember, everyone is convinced that anyone but themselves is crazy.
I believe we may all be right.

In other news I may have done more cooking today than I normally do in a month. For some reason I felt compelled to mention that.
  • Call the clinic. No excuses this time
  • Wash the dog's blankets
  • T-Mobile. Argh!
  • Get the server working - have to order and wait for the second drive and the drive cage to arrive; best idea atm seems to be OS on the two 80GB/sATA/on-board RAID, two 120GBs on external RAID controller in JBOD; don't even think about the clients
  • Paint part of the living room
  • Buy boards and paint and put up the new shelves in the living room.
  • Trip Frankfurt->Hanover->Leipzig->Erfurt->Frankfurt on Wed/Thu
  • Do inventory on Sat
  • Try to clean the office - I don't know if even two thirds of the room are actually usable at the moment.
  • Clean the printer, kick it, hit it or find some other way to get it working again Doesn't work. Use-by date on printheads, and software refusing to work with them after that date. Why?
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