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I want those dvds

My father did the unforgivable yesterday.
He asked a question about an old tv-series.

After the appropriate "Wha?" reaction when suddenly faced with questions like "What was the name of the spider in Kleiner König Kallewirsch again?" I'm now saying "Oh! And do you remember that?" at random intervals.

Actually I'm saying "And the spider was tap-dancing. Oh, and then there was this guy - what was his name? - who was collecting words starting with 'so' and making a story out of them. And the dragon. And the bat that was talking with this cute accent because she spent all her holidays in Switzerland and - what where the names of the different clans again? - and then there was this echo cave with the attacking marbles. OH! And the hollow worm that took them through the volcano." and anybody who doesn't know the Augsburger Puppenkiste looks at me as if I'm mad.

And just now, sister2 and I sung the Opodeldok song. We *are* mad.
Tags: family, fandom
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