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Excitement over, I'm calm again (I'm probably fooling no one, but I have to try).

Being back in Leipzig means going to work again. I can't say how much I missed cut and pasting (or even better, typing) product information. Vaccines at the moment. So. much. fun.

But even this can't dampen my good mood.

Because two months in Edinburgh is simply Cool. (Soon coming to a journal near you: I hate it in Edinburgh - how unrealistic expectations destroyed my life *g*)
Now I'm in planning mode (conveniently ignoring that I could be studying, or cleaning up, or doing anything else that needs to be done *now*). So what if there are still 8 months, I like to plan in advance.
And it distracts me from the fact that the next semester will be my last at uni. Which is a good thing since being reminded of this fact is bad for my blood pressure.
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