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Stress! I love it. (No, really, I do, look at my profile)

My chair is vibrating.
Actually, my desk is vibrating too. As is my bed, my fridge and my dog.
The whole house is vibrating, because of the construction work on the street, but when I put it like that I can't have my adolescent snigger at sitting on a vibrating chair.

Uni has started and I've already sworn to kill the next person who asks if we know what an ELISA is. (Nooooo. It's just covered in biochemistry and virology and microbiology and parasitology and immunology [and probably some ogys I'm forgetting right now], nobody in their last year will know what it is. A basic understanding of the curriculum obviously isn't necessary to give lectures here).
And I'll also kill the person who put some of the fsr money in a box - probably when we were trying to merge the three different accounts we suddenly weren't allowed to have - and forgot about it, so now I'll have to find a good excuse where these 2000 Euro come from (I can tell you exactly where every cent went since I'm responsible for the books and now I'm forging them because we have too much money. Something is very wrong with that.)
If I could find a person who claimed responsibility for the weather I'd kill them too (-1°C in October is just *wrong*.)
Simply because they annoy me, I'll also kill Jens and Christina.

Only two days and my list already is this long. How I missed it.
But I have not yet very much to do.
Apart from the meeting yesterday (which lasted longer than necessary, thanks to some people I want to kill) and the meeting tomorrow. And the little report I should write. And the things I need to put on the website.

But first, I'm off to commit forgery.
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