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No one killed yet. Obviously a good week.

Urgh. Very incoherent. Anyone but me, best skip.

Since this annoying dripping nose is making me more incoherent than usual, I won't even try to be coherent. Instead I'll quote legal documents (I just feel like it, ok?). My dazed rambling will probably look coherent compared to that.

I love my native language, but even my brain attempts to shut down after the fifth comma.

Der Tierarzt darf für den Verkehr außerhalb der Apotheken nicht freigegebene Arzneimittel dem Tierhalter nur verschreiben oder an diesen nur abgeben, wenn [...]
5. die zur Anwendung bei Tieren, die der Gewinnung von Lebensmitteln dienen, abgegebene Menge verschreibungspflichtiger Arzneimittel, bei denen für eine Tierart eine Wartezeit besteht, zur Anwendung innerhalb der auf die Abgabe folgenden sieben Tage bestimmt ist, sofern die Zulassungsbedingungen nicht eine längere Anwendungsdauer vorsehen.

*bangs head on table* WHY?

Yesterday: Excursion to a category 1 processing plant for animal by-products not intended for human consumption, according to regulation (EC) No 1774/2002 Using method 1 (Annex V, Chapter III)

1. If the particle size of the animal by-products to be processed is more than 50 millimetres, the animal by-products must be reduced in size using appropriate equipment, set so that the particle size after reduction is no greater than 50 millimetres. The effectiveness of the equipment must be checked daily and its condition recorded. If checks disclose the existence of particles larger than 50 millimetres, the process must be stopped and repairs made before the process is resumed.
Time, temperature and pressure
2. After reduction the animal by-products must be heated to a core temperature of more than 133 °C for at least 20 minutes without interruption at a pressure (absolute) of at least 3 bars produced by saturated steam(1); the heat treatment may be applied as the sole process or as a pre- or post-process sterilisation phase.
3. The processing may be carried out in batch or continuous systems.

Since more or less all of us spent three weeks this summer at an abattoir, even the few areas that did stink, couldn't faze us.

But the back row in the bus could. My list now contains choice examples of our little mob of men (flock of men? herd of men? How to call a small group of men, surrounded by a much larger group of women?)
Afterward we decided to meet up at Franka's for chat and food. Six people trying to cook in a kitchen made for max. 2 is fun. Trying to start the oven, while turning on the gas for the stove without realizing it is also fun, but only *after* surviving the evening without explosions.

Lots of gossip and some interesting discussions. Question:
You need a medical certificate to get licensure as a vet, stating that you capable of working as a vet, no disabilities, no addictions, blabla. Kathi (who is very small) simply can't do some of the things. Even if she's standing on a ladder, her arms are still to short to do a proper rectal examination. She'll even have problems treating a great Dane.
I don't think it's very likely that she won't get the certificate, but as a hypothetical question, should she be stopped from even starting the course?

When I'm able to think again, I have to decide if I'd rather work at the zoo or a small animal practice next year.
To much to do, to little time.

And a psa: Don't wear hiking boots when driving a car - the pedals are much closer to the sole of the shoes than you'd expect.
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