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Phone Post:

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Another pointless pos..phonepost by me. But at least I'm not in hysterics for this one. So, that's something.
Erm, the main reason I'm doing this is because I have to get over my fear of speaking English where there's any chance that a person who is fluent in the language might hear me.
Woo, because, when I'm going to Scottland I should be able to say at least one or two sentences without starting to get red and, well, s-s-stuttering the whole time.
So, hi! I'm Alex - or Ridicully - and I'm afraid of speaking English in public.
Woo, I normally talk much faster than this, but, em, well, it's another thing I have to learn. To concentrate on speaking slowly, so there's at least a chance that people might understand what I'm saying.
Erm. I can acutally, erm, work for two month without saying a word, I've done it, but, erm, it sort of defies the point of going th-there in the first place, I think.
So, so, I have to practice.
I ... don't have anything else to say and, yo, so I'll stop here.

Transcribed by: ridicully
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