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Oh, it's Monday again?

I'm not sure if I think our firsties are cute or annoying.
On the one hand, they are so very earnest and want to buy scripts for every subject - on the other hand, they don't seem able to understand that my speech to the five people in front of them: "No, I've just sold the last of these, I'll order them today, we'll put a note up when they're here. Those you don't need this year. And we'll get a new edition of this one in tomorrow, so you shouldn't buy it now." will also apply to them if they ask for the exact same scripts.
And some seem to think I discourage them of buying a script, because I want to see them fail.
Especially Miss "But you didn't take the exam yet, so you don't know for sure?" - no, I didn't because it's one of the very last exams you'll ever take in this course, but simple common sense should tell you, that History of Veterinary Medicine probably won't be the subject to decide you whole career. I just wanted to reassure her that, while we don't have a script for the subject, she will survive just fine without one, but apparently I'm lying or regretfully uninformed.

I have the feeling that I was regretfully uninformed in today's test, but that's my own fault and an entirely different subject.
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