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Something nice for a difference

Great evening. Since it's so hot and humid we decided to hold our Bigband-Orchestra-Something-Group rehearsal in the park instead of the shed we normally use.
Everyone was out there, joggers, people with their dogs, some people were having a picnic or a barbecue and others were simply going for a walk. And we just stood there on the grass and where playing.
While I'll willingly confess that I'm the worst player in the whole group (some things I may do well enough without any effort, but music is definitely not one of them) we were playing mostly those pieces even I can play while asleep. Things like Speedy Gonzales; Fame; Tequila; Muppet Show; New York, New York; Blues in the Night or Die Biene Maja.
They are just fun to play and our audience seemed to like them too.
Everyone was standing around with bare feet, most of us with a bottle of beer at our feet and was shouting suggestions for the next song to our conductor.
Without my stupid cough it would have been a perfect evening - but I guess I can't have everything.

Now I'm taking a shower and try to go to sleep afterwards even though it's still somwhere around 29,4 ° C in my flat.

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