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Back in Leipzig again - time to sort my thoughts (as if that were possible)

Why are vets so completely unorganized?

Example one: Zoo Frankfurt. I sent applications over a year ago, got told that it shouldn't be a problem, was asked for dates, got told again that it shouldn't be a problem, but didn't get anything concrete. I can't ask if the internship fulfills all uni-requirements if I don't have anything in paper. I'd accept his asking me again for a cv and the dates, much more easily if he hadn't told me that - except the first two weeks - I can work there. I *need* those two weeks. I can't split the two months any more. That's one of the reason I started pestering him two years ago. Why did he even ask me for the dates last year if he didn't mark anything in his calendar before I was standing right in front of him?
I want to work in the zoo for two months. Not fair. *grumble*

Example no. 2: the small animal clinic I had asked as a backup plan (after a year of trying to get a straight answer out of Mr. Zoo-Vet [probably complicated by my acquaintance who'd insisted on helping me, instead of just giving me the address] it seemed a good idea). After asking for the dates, they actually wrote them down. Woohoo. And asked me for some reason to come in for a talk with the boss. I didn't tell them I study in Leipzig, so I'm having no one but myself to blame for having to drive 800 km this weekend, but it would have been nice if the boss had any idea why I was there. And why did he have to ask for the dates again?

At least the second half of the summer is more or less planned. I've got my ferry tickets and booked a bed in a youth hostel the night before I'm supposed to arrive. I'm relatively sure I will be able to use the library for checking email and if not, I know that I should be able to find an internet cafe. (I didn't yet try to find out where to do the laundry, which should earn me points for self-control.)
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