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Who tied the weights to my body while I wasn't looking?

I've been swimming for the first time in over a year. Fun
But I forgot how *heavy* my whole body feels the day after. Not really sore, just heavy.

The rest of the day was fun too. And a bit surreal. Not only was some guy preaching that life is short (or maybe doomed, I didn't stay to find out) on the street, I also met a walking subway-sandwich. Now, I've walked up and down the Zeil at Frankfurt as one half of a camel, but that was 1. Frankfurt and 2. voluntary work for the zoo. I've never before seen something like that here. Strange.

Otherwise we visited the Dialog im Dunkeln exhibition. Absolute darkness to simulate blindness. Very interesting (and even fun). Much more than the exhibition of anatomic models we'd intended to see - what could be seen in the foyer didn't make us want to spent money on it, after all, most of us still have our anatomy books somewhere.

And since ausmac asked people to show where they live, I had a reason to run amok with my camera again.
I'm not very good at taking pictures, much as I love it

On the vet-med campus

Of course I forgot the camera when I went up there

St.Thomas Church. Johann S. Bach is buried there.

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