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Justifying my decisions to myself

It's been ingrained in my brain that you should ask persons behaving oddly in public(for a given value of odd; the strange doom-prophet is certainly behaving oddly but he's not sitting down in the middle of the street without realizing the people around him, or lying there, apparently unconscious or dead), if they are all right, the same I will step in if someone is attacked.

Of course every time I feel like if have to do this, I will have to argue the part of my brain telling me that I'm invading their privacy. And of course there are times this part of the brain is clearly hallucinating. When someone is crying for help, they probably won't mind if I ask if they're all right. The same applies to a person sitting motionless on a busy street, staring blindly at the ground with their bag over 100m away on a bank.

But this morning at 5 there was someone sitting at a door when I was passing with my dog. Not in the inner city or a place where I'd expect homeless people to spend the night.
Obviously not normal behaviour, but in the end I didn't speak to them because:
They were alive, rocking slightly back on forth with each breath, which led me to believe they were sleeping.
It was a relatively warm night and they were wearing a coat.
They were looking more like someone who had fallen asleep, waiting for someone.
So this time, privacy wins.

Sometimes I look at my problems and have to ask myself if don't have anything important to worry about.

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