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Politics - but not the big ones everyone else is talking about

I should read my news filter more regularly - I nearly missed that they want to move our national holiday from the 3rd of October to the first Sunday in October.
It's supposed to be good for the economy.


Sorry, but that's just cute. We've got dozens of senseless holidays, but since they nominally have a religious reason, you can't take them away without everybody suddenly becoming ultra Christian and complaining how important this day is. Never mind that no ever thinks of these days as religious - as if anyone would know the significance if they didn't have very descriptive names ("Of course I know! Christi Himmelfahrt is the day of the Ascension. Fronleichnam? It's ... also very important ... because ... ... it's religious!").

Let's be honest, we simply don't want to work.

And they're bringing up the old debate about 03.10 vs. 09.11. again. Look, November 9th is a very important day in German history but it will never be a day used for celebration (celebration? We're celebrating something on this day? Get real, it's a day off, that's all people care about).

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