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And again: Where did this week go? Just yesterday, it was Monday.

Busy, busy, busy.

Important questions that came up this week:
  • Who chooses a cinema as the background for nude photos?
  • When will I learn that Otto's movies are not my kind of funny?
  • Where do I find a doctor to take my blood for the bone-marrow donation screening?
  • How do manage to put myself in positions where I think a thing is right, but am supposed to argue that it's wrong?
  • How many trees had to die for my copies this week? How many small nations have a smaller budget than the money I paid for them?
  • Is eating chocolate fondue without spilling even possible?
  • Is there any reason at all, that a person like me, who doesn't drink alcohol, should be able to tell the difference between a caipirinha, a mochito and a mai tai? Could I use the limited storage space in my brain for anything more pointless?
In other news, I met real live slashers for the first time today. Apart from my usual social incompetence, I don't think I've made more of a fool of myself than I usually do. (Seeing how the normal way of people who know me to describe me is 'strange', 'anything but normal' or 'Alex is simply ... Alex' my idea of making a fool of myself may be a bit skewed)
But I had fun, so if they want me to stay away, they'll have to say so :þ
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