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Time for a whine

I want to go to the training today. I really want to.
But I refuse to leave the house for anything but going out with the dog today.

It's raining. I've spent half of the day soaked from the waist down. My legs were cold and wet. My wax-jacket decided to remind me that I need to wax it occasionally for it to serve its purpose. After my clothes had finally dried, I had to cycle back through the rain. I got wet again. All I want to do is sit at home with a hot cup of cocoa and *don't leave the house*. Especially not to bike through the dark and the rain and the mud in the park. Even though I won't have time for training on Thursdays until dec 16th.

I'll go to the beginners course on Monday
(Another bit on the way to hell paved)

ETA (because my live won't get more interesting today, a second whine): And now I realized I forgot to stop and buy toothpaste and deo and wahhhh, I hate this weather.
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