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I don't think there's anything I over which I won't get worked up if I'm in the right mood.

I just came home from a benefit concert for children with cancer in St. Thomas Church.
Nice music and everything, but I wanted to hit the woman who spoke about her son and how much the organization helped him.
I generally dislike making too much noise about things that speak for themselves. But as obviously not everyone agrees with me on that account, I can deal with senseless talking if I need to. But if you insist on telling your story like a fairy tale, do it right. Use the right words and *be consistent* don't start talking about beautiful landscapes, the dark thing that threatened the boy and the well meaning healers, and suddenly switch to normal speech.
If you do this, I may even stop to nitpick your narrative to death in my head. ("Wrong verb. How many more of these superfluous descriptions do you want to put in that sentence? Don't repeat the name five million times...)
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