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I won't stop complaining just because I know it's futile

First of all: Got a card from here_be_dragons. Thank you very much (while I didn't send out cards, I hope you know that I wish you all the best anyway :)

I had planned to ramble about the movies I've seen in the last weeks - but I think I rather want to rant.

I know that having right of way is worth exactly nothing for a cyclist when faced with a car, but that doesn't mean I have to like flying over a bonnet.
And dismissing getting the name and address of the driver wasn't one of the most clever things I've done. I may be taking my "I don't need any help"-attitude a bit too far. I can't even say I was to shocked to think of it, I just thought about it and decided that I could deal with it myself.
Stupid woman. No cookie.
But hey, I felt all right (well, all right for just having been hit by a car) and my bike seemed to work fine - so why bother?
After biking the rest of the way to uni and back just now, I think I may need to hammer a bit at one pedal - it's bend inwards just enough to annoy me, but not stop the wheel from turning. If I end up having to pay money to fix it, it would serve me right.
Once more: Stupid woman, asking for the address is no sign of weakness, it's common sense. Idiot.

Did I mention that none of this would have happend if the guy in the car had looked before he tried to turn left?
I hope I get at least some colorful bruises. I want to get a little bit of amusement out of it.
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