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A lot of BLA

I really thought it may cool down, until I found out that this weekend the annual wave-gothic-treffen takes place again.
With hundreds of people running around dressed in black and wearing outfits made of very heavy materials, what else could there be than a blazing sun on a cloudless sky?
As this seems to happen every year, some people had ...interesting ideas. - I never knew that it's possible to make ice out of absinthe (but then, I never knew there are more than 80 different types of absinthe either).

These things I found out when I went to the bookstore. I'll get OotP there on the 21st! No waiting for amazon and the postman!

And before I got these good news, I had to drive 5 hours because my mother discovered ebay, likes to buy things like an old whetstone that are to big to be send and her idea of geography is the same as mine ('Dresden is somewhere to your left, isn't it?').
But the Erzgebirge is a nice part of the country and I asked Julia if she wanted to come with me to offer some distraction.

We alternately listened to Best of the 60s, a John Denver CD, the Soundtrack from Shrek and Beethovens 9th. We actually sang along with all of them - I think it's fortunate that we had to keep the windows close to keep it cool.

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