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Did I ever mention how cool our pathology department is?

Additionally to standard lectures and the two post-mortems a semester, we have practical pathology demonstrations, a slide show of organs and a sort of lecture on Thursdays. Today we were told that because it's the last Thursday before the break, they'd do only one demonstration for all three groups.
So, 120 of us are waiting on the stairs when Prof. S opens the door and tells us that because of the regulations concerning infectious disease etc. we have to be careful while entering, blah blah.
We're going in, settling making fun of the plastic covered thing lying before us. Because they've actually carried all the video-equipment from the normal demonstration room in the large lecture theater, I'm taking out my camera to take photos of the whole set up. Dr. A comes down to me, telling me that I should stop it, taking photos during forensic cases isn't allowed for students.
Prof S then starts to talk a bit about some law or other that's important for today's case (buying and guarantees) and we're still not sure if all this is real or just a joke (hey, a lot of the things happening on our campus seem very strange
, ok?).
Then they ask two of us down to do the section and two others for the dictation.They're dressed up in proper gear, and even given hoods. At this point a lot of us are quite convinced that it's a joke, but when they're given the gloves - one normal rubber glove and one mitten - everyone clues in.
Now we're getting the report.
This is a case of a reindeer, dying shortly after it changed owners. The former owner - Santa Claus - lost a game of poker with the Easter Bunny and had to give up this reindeer to pay his debts.
They uncover the thing.
They've sewn up a men-sized reindeer, filled up with a lot of 'organs' that had to be properly taken out and diagnosed.
So the people doing the section had to take out for example the liver - a lump of tissue in the right colour - and describe it in more or less correct terms. Then do the proper incisissions. In the liver there were some lumps that turned out to be small bottles of alcohol . The gut was filled with oranges. And all the time Prof S is asking his usual questions "What are the differential diagnoses? How is this called correctly? Do you suppose this could be the cause of death?"
It was simply amazing.
The amount of work they have put in this thing is unbelievable. Stomach, guts, lungs, thyroids, kidneys, liver, uterus and ovaries - someone even baked an anatomically right looking heart.

A very festive post-mortem
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