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I always feel so unproductive this time of the year. Sadly with good reason.

I can't procrastinate any longer with the reasoning that I'll do it after Christmas, but I can't seem to give myself the kick in the arse I so desperately need.
Somehow it feels wrong that I spent more money on train tickets than I donated to the Red Cross, but me and my sister sitting around Stansted airport for four days won't help the people in South Asia either.

Got a haircut. Dealt with my bank. (Why is it that I can send my money to any account in the country without ever setting foot in the building, but transferring money from my savings account to my checking account is such a bother?) Reread half the Pern books. Tried to arrange a meeting with old friends.Translated some stuff. Played computer games.

In other words: Lazed around and got nothing sensible done.
God, woman, get a grip on yourself and *get some work done*.
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