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Most definitely more fun than I should be allowed to have.

I'm having way to much fun with this LJ Archive Tool.
Not only does it work - even with my occasional use of äs or ßs - saves all entries with comments and lets me change the look of the local copy to my liking, it also lets me export the result as html-files I can play with some more.
And it does have things like a comment count analyzer and a word frequency analyzer. And some weird thing that's called 'Regressive Imagery Analysis' which does apparently compare the words in the journal with a list and tells me how often I talk about something compared to people my age or everyone or something (if this sounds like I have no idea what the use of it is, this is may be because I don't). But it has funny graphs I can play with, so I'm bound to like it.

On a completely unrelated, but crypic note, why are the few male vet students (of which there are not that many in the first place) who're also willing to work in the fsr completely crazy? Not that our female contingent is without loonies (e.g. me), but even I'm not that insane.

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