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Wargh. (Oh wow, another of those distinct subject lines)

I have not left the house for anything but going for a walk with the dog and going to uni-related things for a week. I've even studied every day.
I now feel like some of the information may dribble out of my ears if I move my head too much.

Trying to slash one of my professors with his former colleague, is probably one of the more frightening signs that my brain is overloaded. (Gah! Need to scrub brain.)

So, tomorrow is reserved for repetition. I need to put that information back in some order in my brain, otherwise I will claim that barbiturates are diuretics or something equally silly during the exam.

And since I've already shown my social incompetence this week, the need for this stealth post is not really there any more, but still:
I'll probably go to the movies on Tuesday. (Nothing that requires me to use my brain though. Maybe Alles auf Zucker)
Anyone Leipzig-based interested in going?

Now, I'll take a look at the flist. Distraction is good.

ETA: Argh. It's snowing. Meaning, I'll spend tomorrow in a room with a dog with too little exercise and try to study.
Oh well, maybe it won't be too bad (I wonder if this good mood I'm in for some reason is dangerous)
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