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I don't want to look at my books any more.

It's amazing how long information can take to penetrate my brain. I put the date and time for the talk about job perspectives, insurances, taxes and professional organizations on our site on Friday - and only today do I realize that it's this Wednesday.
As boring as the subject sounds, as it's probably useful to know should I ever want to get a JobTM I think I'll go, so kriski, sputnikkid should you go swimming on Wednesday and I'm not there - that'll be because I've died of boredom (or someone wouldn't stop talking - I'm not sure which is more likely).

Random observations from the congress this weekend:

Something tells me the guy from the Danish ministry didn't originally intend his talk about antimicrobial growth promoters, the Danish pork and broiler production and their surveillance programs for a German audience. Just a feeling I have, the first slide explaining the size and location of Denmark, may have something to do with it.

Not to belittle the achievement, but: PD DVM PhD Dipl. ECEIM Smith. Say what?
Also: Is it really necessary to pronounce the whole Prof. Dr. vet. med. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c., when talking about a dead man? Especially if he didn't even insist on it while he was alive?
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