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Oh, Internet access.

I've been awake since 3 a.m., drove the 4 hours to Leipzig to be on time for the lecture - I thought it was going to be pharmacology. Instead it was biochemistry and reproduction. While I was willing to sit through two hours of infusion therapy - mainly because the exam is in two weeks and a bit of repetition wouldn't hurt - I'm amazed I did survive the two hours of progesterone, abortificants and the different kinds of rectal probes for electroejaculation.

I'm obviously back from London and could ramble about it endlessly. But seeing how I'm trying to be at more than one place at the same time at the moment, I won't. Catching up on the flist will probably also take longer than I'm used to. (Not that anyone but me will notice, taking the number of comments I normally leave in account.)

  • So many museums, so little time *tries to glare at lexin for mentioning the V&A museum but fails*
  • As far as public transport goes, I'm in love with the Tube. I don't doubt it has its share of faults, but I can understand the plans. I'm easy to please.
  • I've realized that I don't have a problem with speaking English per se (ok, I do, but it's not this much), but the things I need to *say*. I can't even order a meal or ask for a room in German, no wonder I nearly die if I have to do it in a foreign language.
Need to get the information for the bank ready. And html-ify two or three laws. And go to the Fakultätsrat. And open these letters. And study. And there's this book that just arrived via bookcrossing. And the meeting at Julia's this evening. And I've not yet unpacked my bag.
sputnikkid (and kriski?):Yet again, I don't know if I'll make it in time for swimming. I'm sorry.
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