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Just formated and uploaded the last 80 pictures.
Managed to add only one of me.

horrible photo
Those pigtails weren't my doing! Really!

God, in five days there's the ball and I'll have a new heap of photos.
I even managed to start the mailing list they were asking me to start. I don't think anyone will sign up, but I'll do nearly everything to get them off my back.

And yesterday I noticed that I have to do a 5-10 min presentation about Lyme Borreliosis and the immunologic reaction after vaccination on Thursday.
Even though I was bored the whole day, I still didn't do more than skim over my material once.
I wish I knew where my motivation went. Maybe it dissolved in the heat.

It really is the same every time. Half the term is over and I can't even be bothered any more to do the real important things, let alone go to lectures.

I think it's time again to kick myself really hard.
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