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I'm not, nor have I ever been/Obligatory frienditto statement.

The number of my f-only entries can be counted on one finger - and even if that one were to be made public, I would survive. Therefore, my interest in frienditto is zero.

But since everyone who's seen this list: http://www.livejournal.com/community/ditto_cops/ asks me why I'm on it, here's the answer: It's because I put one of my own public entries on frienditto because I was curious what exactly everyone was talking about.
To reassure all the people who have me on their flist and *do* make f-only posts: I didn't give them my password (I may often seem stupid but I'm not a complete idiot *g*). I didn't even give them my username. All I did was copy and paste the url of the entry and hit submit.
I don't intend to use fd in the future.
I certainly don't intend to give my password to anyone.
I also don't intend to make any entries public (in any way - after all, screenshots did exist before frienditto) the author didn't want to be public.

*Can't believe this has to be explicitly stated.* *Is naïve*

And now for something completely different.
My dog the genius, episode 2543:
Yesterday he was convinced that a sledge was another dog. In his little brain apparently every thing below knee height that has a lead attached equals dog.

Tags: drama/wank, pets:kuno
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