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At my parents'. Where I'll be for the next two months.
Thankfully I have lots of energy, now that the exams are over, otherwise the idea of clearing enough room for me to do more than sleep in my room would seem intimidating. At the moment I can barely see the floor. 'Chaotic' doesn't do this house justice.
On the positive side: w-lan and dsl. *kowtows and worships*</p>

Plan for the next week: Clean the room, set up a place to study, get the server to work properly, one-day trip to Vienna on Tuesday, check which route to take to work, find out when I'm supposed to arrive and what I'm supposed to wear, answer mails, paint, clean, plan ...
In other words, kick myself and get my life in order.

And Sister2 has her own LJ now. I could tell her about mine, but I think I'll let her find it on her own - if she even goes looking, I don't think she has my stalkerish mindset interest in looking for people I know, just for fun.
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