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Meh. Religion. Makes me babble

I generally don't mind religious holidays, even though the ones that change the date with the phases of the moon tend to sneak up to me and strike when I'm last expecting them, because a day off is a day off, no matter the reason.
But I'd be much more happy if the radio stations would stop interrupting the music for talk about the meaning of Easter. I lived through 12 years of religious education at school (if only because I didn't like the ethics teacher [the class was nominally protestant, but it was more of a refuge for every Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, Buddhist, Catholic and atheist that didn't want to deal with the other teachers]) and while the last few years were mostly spend on topics like "Jesus as the Freudian urfather", I seem to recall that the meaning of the different holidays was mentioned once or twice.
I'm not listening to the radio to hear the same story once again. I don't see the need to tell it on the radio at all to be honest - I'm relatively certain that if you go to church, they'll be happy to tell it.

Just - meh.
Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, I'll now go and see my father and sister2 off on their skiing trip.
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