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Workaholic? Me? Of course.

It's 2 p.m. on a Saturday, I'm at home and feel bad for it.
Theoretically I'm working the weekend-shift and should be at the clinic until 8 this evening at least. But since there were only two stationary patients - one of whom will be taken home this afternoon - I had forgotten my books, my iPod isn't charged and my walkman decided to die on me, I asked if I could go home to fetch some books. The vet on duty told me to stay at home and enjoy the lovely day.


I'm supposed to be at work and wait if there are any emergencies. My work ethic is complaining loudly. But I know he doesn't actually need me if there's an emergency and I can use a free afternoon to catch up with everything I was to groggy to do last week.
It still doesn't feel right.
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