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And before I talk about the week at the clinic, things that make me go "Huh?":

How can it be that I can try on four different trousers and five different shirts of the same size and half of them are too small or too large? Why bother with sizes at all?
And related to that: I'm an average sized person, how can it be that even the short-sizes of trousers are too long for my legs?

People who come in during emergency service hours to buy frontline.

My speedometer. Does work perfectly fine when the bike is lying flat on the ground. Works all right when I hold the bike at an 45° angle, refuses to work when the bike is standing upright. The position of the speedometer doesn't change and until last week it worked just fine. I can't even begin to understand it. Did gravity decide to work on radio signals now?

What kind of backward logic goes into telling me that your 80 kg dog needs a proper meal because it weights 80 kg? I know it weights that much, that's why it doesn't need a proper meal, just enough to keep it from eating *you*.

And something that doesn't make me go huh, but is still annoying:
Why do I have to wear white when I spend most of my day dealing with blood, vomit, shit and other nicely coloured substances? I don't like to wear white. I look silly in it.
But not silly enough to stop me from taking pictures

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