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Maybe I'm *really* only five years old

If I ever had any doubt about biking the 15 km to work (Did I mention the 15 km? I hope I did. After all 15 km is quite a distance. And I'm biking. 15 km. In the morning and the evening. Just in case my subtle mentions of the 15 km weren't noticed. 15 km by bike. Twice a day.), it's now gone. Without the exercise, I'm so hyper after a day at work, I'll talk constantly for nearly an hour.

About the very cute French Bulldog pup with the multiple jaw fractures. (I like pit bulls and am not inclined to condemn them, but if your pit bull bites your six month old pup in the head and gives it a few good shakes, you might have a problem)
About the improvised post mortem on a rabbit.
About the reason why I was changing tires on a car while waiting for new patients.
About how seeing Dobermans with DCM always makes me want to run home and check Kuno's heart one more time.
About the fact that it gives me ridiculous ego boosts to look at an x-ray or sono picture and know the diagnosis and correct treatment.

About thousands of things. Non stop.
It's a good thing I'll use the bike again tomorrow.

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