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Why is it that there's no new fanfic when I have a lot of free time, but when I have to be happy to get even 6 hours of sleep there are a million new postings?
Don't answer that. I just wish I didn't know the answer.
I'll just thank Opera for the 'Save Session' Feature and hope I'll have the time read all the tabs some time in the future.

ETA: JKR is laughing at the shippers. This amuses me way too much.
I think it's funny that I got to practice sewing only days after I told myself I should really learn it - only I didn't work on fabric for clothes like I intended, rather tissues and skin.
It seems I was lying when I said I can't sew. I'm getting good at skin-sutures. But for some reason this doesn't translate into an ability to use a needle outside an aseptic environment.
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