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Sweet, sweet internet connection I have you back.
After wrestling a router into submission. "No! You're not allowed to simply refuse to answer. I can *see* you. Don't pretend those leds aren't blinking!" I'm now online for the first time in two days.

I've learned these two days that no internet equals stressful. Especially since every single member of my family deems it necessary to tell me that they still can't access the internet every two hours.
Reading my flist is an easy way for me to relax after work.
These two facts don't fit well together.
Thankfully I had my new mobile to let me play a bit for fun. (Tiny. Silly functions. Lots and lots of options. I think I can even use it to make phone calls.)

Otherwise I've learned that young foxes definitely top the cuteness factor of cats or dogs, the legs of a Great Dane are much more heavy than most cats and I may be allowed to neuter a dog on my own next week. I don't know if I should be exited or start to panic. I think I'll settle for panicked excitement. (Ohmygod. Surgery. On my own. Not only sutures. Wah! I can do that. It's not difficult. But ohmygod WAH!)

And now: On to skip=a lot. My ocd is messing with my relaxation.
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