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Somewhere in between there was a weekend, I'm told

  • 900 km by car.
  • An afternoon of cleaning the flat and afterwards playing board-games with kriski.
  • Found the catholic church in a little town in northern Bavaria - which against all odds wasn't the very old one at the marketplace.
  • Spent the entire mass outside the church with the other heathens. Of course that was mostly because the church was simply too small.

  • Accepted that there's no escaping people that have known me since I was "this small" at family reunions - not going for a few years makes it even worse.
  • Ate lots of good food
  • Remembered the nifty show=p addition to the flist-url. metaquotes bloats a flist-page to abnormal proportions.
  • Realized that I'll be working the next three weekends. 24 days of continuos work. Hear my joy.
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