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My recent subject-lines seem to focus on the way time is flying for some reason

It's Friday already?

The week was good. No surgery for me to perform, because this week there were no male dogs to neuter, but I can hope for next week.
The low light of the week was today's cat who thought it a brilliant idea to bite the pad of my thumb. Not a little bite that is just a larger scratch but a real bite which left a nice deep hole.
This isn't good. Not because it hurts, it doesn't very much, but because cat's bites make for lovely infections. Personally I'd just see what happens, but nearly everyone at the clinic and now my mother are telling me to take at least some antibiotics. The last time I had to take antibiotics was approximately 15 years ago. At the moment I'm trying to make the choice between dog's pills or some that expired a year ago (what do you mean, I could just go to a doctor and get a prescription?)

My life would be so much easier if I didn't insist on making it more difficult I think.
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