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I feel like a Zombie. With the nice rings under my eyes I probably look like one too.

But OMG there's so much to do (most of it due to my procrastination) and I leave for Edinburgh in a week (which I've known for more than six month) and I'll spend the weekend on the road between Frankfurt and Mainz and won't get enough sleep and still have so much to do!
</manic rambling>

But I'm actually avoiding writing down my to-do-list because I suspect it to be intimidating. Of course that's my fault. That doesn't make it better.
On the positive side, after I got the signature I need to prove I've worked at the clinic for two months, the fight in the operation room was more amusing than distressing. (They're used to two operation rooms. One of which is made into a room for a CT. The eye specialists who used to occupy that room had to squeeze into the other room. Chaos ensued. But in spite of all the of sharp instruments, no bloodshed. Looking at the bright side really works.)
And because schnurble tagged me: Cut for those that don't care about my books for memes.
First of all I have to say, I've always been reading. Not necessarily books with any literary value, but never *nothing*. Sometimes I'll read so I don't have to think. And while I love to read, I seldom have anything to say about the books. I like them - or I don't. I may reread them - or I maybe won't. But that's it. I'm not good at talking about them.
  1. Total number of books owned?
    Definitely less than I've read - libraries are heaven - but too many to count. Enough to fill multiple cartons on the attic, my microscopic bookshelf in Leipzig, and every available space at my parents'.
  2. The last book I bought?
    The last one was probably a pharmacology book. The last book that wasn't a textbook was Going Postal and the last one I downloaded at Project Gutenberg was 20000 Leagues under the Sea.
  3. The last book I read?
    Aside from textbooks, the last one I finished was American Gods I think. At the moment I'm rereading Last Chance to See and a book of Dorothy Sayers' short stories that I caught at Vienna. Oh, and lots and lots of fanfiction.
  4. Five books that mean a lot to me:
    The reasons these mean a lot to me vary.
    • The Song of the Lioness quartet by Tamora Pierce for example, I reread about once a year, just because I like the story.
    • The Harry Potter books I also like for the story. And because they fuel my fanfiction habit.
    • Grimms' Fairy tales are the first books I remember. I also learned to read with them. Reading about burning witches alive and forcing evil queens to dance in red hot shoes until they drop dead reminds me of my childhood.
    • Terry Pratchett's The Light Fantastic. It's not an extraordinary good book, but it's the first of his books I read. And my bookshelf would be much more empty if I hadn't.
    • Ring down the curtain by Agatha Christie. Not only because I love murder mysteries - which I do - but because it was the first book I ever tried to read in English. I don't think I finished it that time, but I tried.
    Depending on how you define meaning a lot, I could also add stuff by Roald Dahl to the list. Or some of the StarTrek Novels. Or some of Enid Blyton's books. Or Karl May. Or even Brecht if you include dislike to a point of obsession in the definition.
  5. Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:
    No tagging from my side, if you want to tell about your books, do so. I'm certainly interested.
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