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As usual a lot of bla and a wand quiz

Just finished my marathon reading of His dark materials. Good books.
And this is the reason I don't give much feedback when reading fanfic. I seem unable to write more than 'good fic' or 'liked it a lot'.
Something else for my list of things I've got to improve on.

In two more hours I'll have to leave for the ball.
As I've got nothing better to do and already paid for it, I don't think I can escape.
But the first person to ask me why I'm not wearing a dress will die! For more than a month now I've endured the questions of what I'll be wearing and even answered them. If someone still doesn't understand that I wouldn't even wear anything else but trousers if I really wanted to go to the ball, it's to bad for them.</p> And just to emphasize that I'm really crazy:
Nicked from wikdsushi

13 1/13 inch, ebony and mercury. Interesting and
unusual are severe understatements for this
Gregorovitch wand. You've got your own style
and your own opinions, and you probably live in
your own world as well. Join us down here in
the real world sometimes, will you?

Which wand will yours be?
brought to you by Quizilla

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