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Writing an entry without being able to look words up is a new experience.

I just realized that I'm posting more often now, that I don't have an easy way to do so, than I'm doing when I'm on dsl. I guess I just feel that if I can't read about everybody life, I have at least to tell the universe about mine.

Still nothing about my trip, just a bit of not exactly coherent first impressions:

First day at the clinic. Theoretically I was expected. I have a letter saying so. The two other students arriving an hour after me have too.
But it's a veterinary clinic, therefore they suck at logistics.
Students in their final year do their rotations in the clinics. They also do so for a week after the semester has ended. Which happens to be this week.
But now everything is worked out - we even all have a bed - and on the plus side, I don't have to do ICU duty for this week. Meaning I can officially leave the clinic in the evening and on the weekend (I'm not yet sure if I can't still do that when on ICU duty - something else I need to ask) and so I have a chance of maybe finding an Internet Cafe this week that does like my usb-sticks or maybe even has wireless access.

That's the worst thing: No internet. Which is just cruel, because they even have two or three HotSpots here and all I'd need is a login name. But that's too much work for people who'll only stay for two months (Why? I need to check the Uni-website for a loophole. I'll even pay, just give me my drug, ok?).
I'll have to work something out with the other visiting students - not all of us need to be present all the time after all - and drive to the city. Checking my email is something I *need* to do.

Work this week is a bit boring - because every department has its share of students and the only place that doesn't is the general practice. Not to sound arrogant, but vaccinating a dog or weighting and worming a cat are things I can already do myself. Watching the vets do it was mildly interesting for the first two hours - just to see how things are done here and what is different to the last clinic I worked in - but now I'm just waiting for this week to be over.

Hopefully next week I'll also be able to avoid the other two students I'm stuck with this week. They're from Austria and I'm trying all the time to make it obvious that we don't belong together just because of that. It's probably just me, but I think it's somehow really ... impolite to be talking German all the time, not just a short question to ask for a translation for a word you don't know, when there are other people you have to work with in the room who don't understand you.</p>

And I'm sounding arrogant again - probably because I am - but what do they learn at vet school in Austria? They're also in their final year. Shouldn't they at least know what an NSAID is? And what vet student doesn't know Carprofen/Rimadyl?
Maybe it's just them. I'll be the fist to admit that I'm ridiculously insistent on being self-reliant, but as they don't have any qualms asking for help, couldn't they ask someone to explain the computer-system to them, so they won't sit in a room waiting for the next patient when there won't be any more that day? Nobody expects them to do it my way - watching and deducting and avoiding asking at all costs, but a bit of common sense would be nice.
Maybe I shouldn't complain. Having them there is very good for my ego.

And I've just found out that I won't have to work this weekend at all. Now I can make plans. Nice.
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