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I survived the ball

Ouch, two layers of blisters on my heels. And I don't even dance.
Every time I wear those shoes I forget that I have to wear the right kind of socks or the next few days will be painful.

I found a way to stand the 'entertainment' part at these events - take a camera with me. It gives me an excuse to walk around and ignore part of the speeches or performances.

Of course now I've got a camera full of photos and can start to complain again about my computer not having an USB-Port.
I think I'll annoy Julia again.</p>

The real good thing about the ball was, that my clothes still fit me. I don't know how, I wore them to the wedding of my cousin and my Abiball and I know I've gained at least 7kg since then, but I've decided just to be happy and not to think about how this is possible.

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