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Could it be that I'm just a bit obsessed with this Internet-thingy?

I sent an email to the computing office of the main university, asking about the wireless access. (Their website says it shouldn't be a problem, but asking nicely is better than demanding). They wrote back telling me it shouldn't be a problem, I just had to ask the computing officer responsible for this area.
Which is sadly the woman who told me that even setting me up with an lab account (something that took the woman in the main library 5 minutes) would be too much work.
Maybe I can use the fact that she isn't here for the next few days as an excuse to have someone else set me up?
Otherwise I'll just continue to sneak in the hospital office, fiddle a bit with the server it wants to connect to until it accepts my login and save anything I want to read on my usb-stick.
But this means using IE and webmail.
My life is full of hardship.

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